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What is a backorder? How to create backorders?
What is a backorder? How to create backorders?

Learn how to create a backorder for temporarily out-of-stock products in your sales order with ZapInventory.

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A backorder is an order for a good or service that cannot be filled at the current time due to a lack of available supply. The item may not be held in the company's available inventory but could still be in production, or the company may still need to manufacture more of the product.

An item on backorder is an out-of-stock product that is expected to be delivered by a certain date once it is back in stock. Businesses will often still sell products on backorder with the guarantee to ship them to the buyer once their inventory has been replenished.

We can create backorders for the temporary out-of-stock products in the sales order.

This article will teach us how to create a backorder.

When you get an order for a product that is not available at the moment. Check that details by following the below steps:

Step 1: Click on "Backordered" from the manage purchases section.

Step 2: All the backorders will be displayed here. You can filter the backorders based on the suppliers.

Step 3: Select the backorders as per your requirement and click the "+ Reorder Backorders" button.

Step 4: To see the purchase order created for that backorder, click on the "See Purchase Order(s)" button. It will redirect you to the purchase orders section.


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