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How to Create A Production Order?

Create comprehensive production orders with ZapInventory's easy-to-use tool.

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Creating a production order is crucial for manufacturing businesses to ensure efficient production and minimize operating costs. With ZapInventory, you can create a production order in a matter of minutes, allowing you to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Note: To create a production order, you must create a Bill of Material (BOM) first. To learn how to create a BOM, click here.

Follow the below steps to create a production order:

Step 1: Select "Purchase, Sales & Returns" from the Navbar and Click on “BOM” option.

Step 2: Now the select the reference number of the Bill of Material to which the Production Order will be attached.

Step 3: Details of the Bill of Material will be visible now. In the bill information, you will find the Reference Number, Default Location, and Default Assignee of the BOM. Once you confirm all the details click on the button "Create Production Order".

Note: When you attach the Production order to the Bill of Material (BOM), you won't be able to edit it anytime further. To edit the BOM, click on the provided Edit button and make the necessary changes before assigning the production order to it.

Step 4: The production tab is now available. Add the quantity of the Item required to produce. Also, assign the due date to its production.

Step 5: Now in the Order Information tab, enter the Production Order number for your reference. With this number, you will be able to track your production order & and its status.

Step 6: Assign the Warehouse Location to the Production Order.

Step 7: Once you are assured of all the details, click on the button "Create". Now your Production Order will get created successfully.

Step 8: Details of the Production Order will be visible now alongside the Order Information. Once you verify all the data precisely, click on the button "Start Production" to start producing the Bill of Material Item. You can also cancel production by clicking on the "Cancel Production" button.

Select the starting date & time of the product & click the button "Start Production".

That's It! Your Bill Of Material Item will start its production as scheduled. You can click on the "Stop Production" button to stop production before completion anytime. Once production is done, you can click on the "Complete Production Order" button to complete the production order.

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