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How to Track Supplier Activity Logs and Purchase History in ZapInventory?
How to Track Supplier Activity Logs and Purchase History in ZapInventory?

Discover how to track the supplier activity log and purchase history in ZapInventory.

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ZapInventory offers comprehensive tools to track supplier activities and purchase history, enabling you to maintain a detailed record of interactions and transactions with each supplier. This tracking is essential for efficient supply chain management and informed decision-making. Here’s how you can track supplier activity and purchase history in ZapInventory:

  1. Navigate to Purchases: Start by accessing the "Purchases" option in the main menu of ZapInventory. Then, select the "Suppliers" option to view your list of suppliers.

  2. Select a Supplier: Browse through your supplier list and click on the name of the supplier whose activity and purchase history you want to track.

  3. View Activity Log: In the supplier’s profile, go to the "Activity Log" tab. This section provides detailed logs related to that supplier, including information about who created the supplier profile and when. It also records any changes made to the supplier’s information, detailing what changes were made, who made them, and when they were made.

  4. Check Purchase By Documents: Proceed to the "Purchase By Documents" tab to review the purchase orders made for that supplier. This tab will display crucial details of each purchase order, such as the purchase order date, status (e.g., created, received), references, order date, receive code & date, and the amount paid. This information is vital for analyzing your purchasing patterns and managing your supply chain effectively.

By utilizing these features in ZapInventory, you can keep a close eye on supplier activities and analyze your purchase history with them. This capability is crucial for businesses that aim to optimize their supplier relationships and purchasing strategies. Effective tracking of supplier activity and purchase history helps in better negotiation, timely procurement, and overall improved supply chain management.

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