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What is a Purchase Order & Its Significance?
What is a Purchase Order & Its Significance?

Simplify your purchasing process with ZapInventory's purchase order system.

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โ€‹A purchase order (PO) is an essential document in the procurement process, serving as the official confirmation of an order. When you need to purchase something from one of your vendors, simply create a purchase order in ZapInventory and send it to the vendor for authorization.

In ZapInventory, you will generate and issue a purchase order when you wish to buy something from a vendor in your contacts.

A standard PO will contain the following details:

  • Date the purchase was made

  • Name of the company purchasing the goods or services

  • Description and quantity of the goods or services

  • Price of the goods

  • Payment information

  • Billing address

  • Purchase order number

  • Shipping address

  • Expected delivery date


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