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How to Add a New Supplier in ZapInventory
How to Add a New Supplier in ZapInventory

Discover how to efficiently add a new supplier to your ZapInventory system.

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In the realm of inventory management, maintaining an up-to-date supplier database is as crucial as managing your customers. ZapInventory offers a streamlined process for manually adding new suppliers. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Access Purchases Section: Begin by navigating to the "Purchases" section in the main menu of ZapInventory. Here, select the "Vendors/Suppliers" option to enter the supplier management area.

  2. Initiate New Supplier Addition: Click on the "Add New Supplier" button. This is your first step in the supplier creation process.

  3. Enter Supplier Details: A form will be presented where you need to input the supplier's details. This includes setting an account number, credit limit, payment terms, tax rules, tax number, and discounts. Note that the currency, once set, cannot be changed later.

  4. Select Accounts Payable: Choose "Accounts Payable" from the chart of accounts, which should be imported from your connected accounting channel. Once all details are filled in, click on the "Save" button to proceed.

  5. Add Addresses: Switch to the addresses tab to add address information for the supplier. After clicking on "Add more Addresses", select the address type, fill in the details, and click on "Add Address". Be sure to "Save" these changes.

  6. Add Contact Information: In the "Contact" tab, you can add contact information for the supplier. Select the contact type, input the necessary details, and click on the "Add Contact" button. Remember to "Save" your inputs.

  7. Review Activity Log: After the supplier is added, the "Activity Log" tab allows you to track any modifications made to their details, including who made these changes and when.

  8. Track Purchases: The "Purchase by Document" tab is essential for viewing and tracking the purchase orders made for that supplier. It provides insights into order dates, received data, references, and the status of each order.

By following these steps, you can effectively add and manage suppliers in your ZapInventory system, ensuring a streamlined process for your inventory management needs.

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